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I have always been fascinated by the world of robotics.I think it is important to expose children at an early age to science and engineering. Especially girls. Too often girls are left out of science community and instead exposed more to arts and soft sort of studies. But depriving girls from the world of science is preventing 50% of the population from changing the world. That means will have 50% fewer ideas. Will have 50% pure glance months. We will never be able to reach our full potential and if we are prohibiting half the population from changing the world.

I appreciate companies like Lego who are committed to exposing children to the world of science. My one criticism for Lego, however, is that there girl Lego toys are specifically pink and girly. Girls don’t need different Legos them boys. Like a clever meme that I saw, and less children are playing with the toys with their genitalia, there are no girl or boy toys.

I first got into robotics when I saw the talking reporter robot that was made in Japan. She was made to look and operate as a human, complete with eyes that blinked. If you didn’t look closely, you may not even realize that she wasn’t real. Of course she was close to seeming human, but it was not perfect. Her gestures were all slightly off, with a slight delay in movement that you may not notice at first. Regardless, it was remarkable. That is, unless you are worried about the robots becoming self-aware and taking over humanity as all of the sci-fi thrillers like to show us.


I am also fascinated by the robots that we have working for us today. Advancements like Siri in the iPhones and other devices are revolutionizing robots. Not only are they able to move and perform tasks on an industrial level, but they are able to communicate with you, answer questions, and even have a pre-programmed sense of humor.

Currently, I am living in Massachusetts, not far from MIT, where I went to school to study robotic engineering. While I am not one of the geniuses behind the Lego Mindstorms, I wish I was. They have successfully brought technology down to the younger generations, exposing them to things that they may not have otherwise gotten to see until they were much older. Children are our future and we need to encourage them as much as we can.

When I am not pushing for the education of children, I am happy to be a parent to a fuzzy golden retriever named Luke Skywalker. I am also an avid hiker, something which Luke Skywalker enjoys as well. I think that while it is great to get your hands dirty and workout your mind, you also need to get outside and workout your body. And getting your physical energy out of the way will help you concentrate on your work. We can all change the world in one way or another and I hope you all see that too.