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5 Ways You Can Learn to Make Robots

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5 Ways You Can Learn to Make Robots

Have you ever wanted to construct a robot, but just couldn’t get to college in order to do it? The future is still possible. With the advancements in technology as well as the advancements in the internet, you can learn how to program and build a robot without even going to college.


  1. Lego Mindstorms: I know what you are thinking. Lego is made for kids. And while you may have seen The Lego Movie where Will Farrell is a man-child stating that Legos too, he is not completely wrong. Legos are great for any age. And Mindstorms is no different. What makes Mindstorms so great to start with is that it is designed to be straightforward as well as it is customizable. If you are just now experimenting with how robotics works, I really recommend starting with Mindstorms to help you get your feet wet. You will not be disappointed.
  2. YouTube: What haven’t you been able to find on YouTube? It literally has a video for just about everything you can possibly imagine. Whether it is reprogramming your car or snaking your shower drain, someone has made a video about how to do it. And robots are no different. Someone has made a video about building your own robot. Give it a search and you will be amazed at what you can come up with.
  3. The Society of Robots: Yes there is an actual society of robots. Are you surprised? Well you really shouldn’t be! Think about all of the movies that have robots as their own free-thinking begins. Of course there are people out there who are pushing for robotics and to create a society of robots. Have you seen the robot that was built in Japan that looks exactly like an actual live human? Anyway, the Society of Robots has several tutorials on their website that can help guide you to building your first robot. They will even have the shopping lists to detail what it is exactly that you will need to purchase.


4. Hit the Books: Remember how in school you were given a ton of very large and heavy boring books to peruse that you would later be tested on? Imagine that the subject matter was actually something that interested you, instead of early colonial poetry. You can check out your library first to see if they have any books that could help before committing to paying for a book that may not work out for you. Do not try to buy a book, read it, and then return it. Trust me, the people at bookstores know. Robot Building for Beginners is an awesome book to begin with. One that you really do need to have though, especially if you are not using a robotic kit to build your robot, is Robot Builder’s Bonanza. I know the title may seem silly, but I consider it my robot building bible. There are also some robotic magazines that you can look into including Servo Magazine and Robot Magazine.

5. Check out robotshop.com. They not only have a lot of robotic parts, but they also have a lot of robotic information to help you with your projects. One of their most important tips is to not go big or go home. When it comes to robotics, you need to start small before you can go big. You need to master the electrical components of everything before you can consider building something much larger. Bigger and more complex things will frustrate you if you are just starting out and learning what to do.

I appreciate companies like Lego who are committed to exposing children to the world of science. My one criticism for Lego, however, is that there girl Lego toys are specifically pink and girly. Girls don’t need different Legos them boys. Like a clever meme
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